What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Tours in Colombia

Travelling with a guide from DE UNA gives you the change to get to know Colombia in a different way. There are so many places to visit and this way you get the change to visit places you normally wouldn’t on your own.The experienced and knowledge of our DE UNA guides will help you to enjoy a roundtrip and Colombia to the maximum.

In our overview below you can choose between the various roundtrips.


20 days - Next tour: 13-03-2014
Discover the Caribbean coast with a visit to NP Tayrona, Cartagena, Santa Marta and a trekking to the Lost City. Get to know the city of Botero and climb one of the Andes peaks...
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Vamos Sur

14 days - Next tour: 17-11-2013

Archaeological sites in a breath taking setting. Cali the capital of Salsa and the white colonial city of Popayan. The jungle of San Cipriano and the Tatacoa desert. All in one tour...

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Los Andes & Caribe

23 days - Next tour: 25-11-2013
A tour from Popayan (south) to Santa Marta (north) or vice versa through Cali, the coffee area, Medellin, Cartagena and NP Tayrona. The ideal tour to combine with a trip to Ecuador and/or Venezuela...
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Andina / Zona Cafetera

20 days - Next tour: 03-04-2014
Visit the departments Boyaca and Santander for its history, culture and adventurous sports. To Medellin through the paradise Rio Claro and finishing with the most beautiful destinations in the coffee area...
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Costa Caribe

14 days - Next tour: 26-02-2014

A perfect combination between the well-known Caribbean destinations like Cartagena and NP Tayrona combined with the unknown beaches and islands of the departments Sucre and Cordoba...
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Los Llanos & Amazonas

12/13 days - Next tour: 12-02-2014
One of our best tours, that will bring you to some amazing remote places in Los Llanos and the Amazon. Discover unspoiled nature and get to know some original Indian tribes...
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Todo Colombia

31 days - Next tour: 17-11-2013

The most complete tour. A perfect well chosen program that combines the south of Colombia, the coffee zone, Antioquía and the Caribbean coast. Do you want to see everything? This is your chance...
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