What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Roots travel

As DE UNA Colombia we are very experienced in the organization of root travels in Colombia. A trip to discover your roots is always custom made, fitting the needs and wishes of the family. Together with the adopted and the adoption family a personal program will be made with the objective to get to know Colombia and if possible the birth region of the adopted. Depending on the security situation we try to plan a visit to the birth region. A possibility would be a visit to the hospital where the adopted is born, the church of baptism, or a visit to neighborhood or village of the biological family can also be included.

For every family we look separately at their wishes and possibilities for a trip, things like contact with the orphanage or biological family are of importance. As DE UNA Colombia we can help you with the language problem and will make sure that your vacation in Colombia will be perfect. Out of experience we learned that discovering your roots can be very emotional for the whole family so we try to create enough free time in the program to unwind as well. Things like private transport and good accommodation where every member of the family feels at ease are of importance.

As a travel agency we don´t offer to search for biological family, nor do we establish contact between adopted and their biological family. We leave these activities for professional agencies.

Are you interested in the possibilities of a roots travel or do you want a custom made tour for your and family, please fill out our Custom made form.

Los Hijos and Wereldkinderen

Every summer the Dutch organization Los Hijos and Wereldkinderen organize roots travels to Colombia. We as DE UNA Colombia organize the trip for these organizations.

On our testimonial page you can find experiences of families that organized a roots travel with us.