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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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National Park Gorgona

Isla Gorgona is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. The island was proclaimed a National Park in 1984, before that it was used as a prison for political prisoners. Nowadays the island is mainly known because of its many unique animals due to the long period of separation from the mainland. Monkeys, lizards, bats, birds, frogs and snakes are the most common animals. Besides the enormous amount of flora and fauna and beautiful beaches the island is also one of Colombia´s best diving spots.

If you want to experience something different than the usual Caribbean underwater world then Gorgona is the perfect diving destination.

From July to October it is whale season
and from the beaches and from some of the terrace at the accommodation you can see these amazing mammals swim by every day. As it is an protected species it is not allowed to swim or dive with these enormous animals. Once in the water you can hear them communicate with each other. Surely an experience to remember.

To visit Gorgona you are obligated to have a yellow fever vaccination. The area is also one of the rainiest areas in the world, so wrap your luggage in plastic bags in your backpack or suitcase. Pack clothes for a warm and humid climate and travel as light as possible. On the flights to Guapi there is a luggage maximum of 10 kilo per person. We would recommend you to travel with a backpack, (big) suitcases are not recommendable. We also advise you to bring a flash light, as Gorgona is an eco destination there is only electricity for a limited amount of hours per day. Aerosol sprays like deodorant or insecticide are forbidden on the island!


Strand op Gorgona

Oude gevangenis op Gorgona


Uitzicht vanuit het vliegtuig naar Guapi




DE UNA offers custom made packages to Gorgona, which includes transport to and from Gorgona, accommodation, and some local tours, like a visit to the ruins of the old prison, an ecological walk and a visit to one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. Transport is possible with a boat from Buenaventura or faster and with more comfort with the boat from Guapi. As most packages leave from Guapi we offer the packages including national flights to and from Guapi, a standard package is a program of 4 days /3 nights, but of course longer is also possible.

Packages and prices on request

The packages include:
- National flights Colombia-Guapi-Colombia
- Boat Guapi-Isla Gorgona-Guapi
- Accommodation in cabañas
- 3 meals a day
- Ecological walk to Playa Palmeras
- Tour to old prison Gorgona
- Local guides

Not inclusive
- Personal expenses and optional activities

- Diving program
- Packages with the boat from Buenaventura
- Extra nights

Luxe cabañas op Gorgona

Boa constrictor op Gorgona

Capuzijn aap op Gorgona

Vele verschillende vogels op Gorgona