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What a perfect organisation !! We enjoyed every bit of our journey!!

Seynhaeve Tania

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Social Projects

DE UNA Colombia Tours is supporting 2 small foundations of which both are founded by persons who decided to leave their home and to dedicate their time to help out those in need. Ed Veldhuisen started in 2007 the Club Deportivo in Medellin giving children, who are marked by poverty, addiction and/or criminality, the chance to participate in sport and culture activities. Nathalie Rietman started in 2006 Foundation La Vecina in a small fishermen village close to Cartagena and offers deprived (homeless) children shelter, education, food and care. Both foundations are very small and are in need of help. We don't want to donate money to the foundations but prefer to pay for supplies, a day out, or anything that directly helps the situation of the children. Each of you who book a guided tour with DE UNA automatically is supporting the foundations with 1% of their payment. If you would like to do more you can contact us or you can contact each project directly by going to their corresponding websites. It is also possible to visit the projects during our guided tours to get to know more about the foundations.

Club Deportivo Straatkinderen Medellín

The foundation ‘Club Deportivo Straatkinderen Medellin’ was founded for children who are marked by poverty, drug addiction, mental problems, abuse, or other problems. The idea is to give them the opportunity to participate in sport and cultural activities. Our experience is that these children can learn a lot doing something they really like. You can think of gaining self confidence, more confidence in other people, communication, solving conflict, respecting rules, etc. Besides that these children have suffered a lot and participating in these kinds of activities can be a good way to handle their frustrations.

Foundation La Vecina

Logo Foundation La Vecina

La Vecina’s aim is to offer a positive contribution to the living conditions of deprived children in Cartagena and to offer them a more positive future perspective by:

  1. Offering the basic necessities through the foundation of a children’s home (basic needs, education and wellbeing);
  2. Offering support to initiatives for deprived children in Cartagena through financial means or by offering relief supplies. ;
  3. Creating and generating knowledge and support in the Netherlands of the problems of deprived children in Cartagena.



DonationsThe kids of the foundation of La Vecina

We were able to finance in January 2009 for each child (50 in total) a school uniform existing out 2 sets of shirts, 2 sets of shorts and a pair of shoes for the foundation La Vecina.

In the picture on the side you can see how proud they are with their new uniforms!


In June 2010 we have taken care of the full financial support to set up the Project 'CoCo' of the foundation Club Deportivo Straatkinderen Medellin.

The project is a monthy event of the foundation in which about 50 kids from 2 houses take place in recreative activities in small groups to improve the mutual comunications skills and coporation During the activities the kids form the houses will be informed about other projects of the foundations to join.